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Skat Blast® USA 966 Pro Finisher Abrasive Blast Cabinet


46″W, 28″D, 34-1/2″ Extra-High Work Area

A favorite among hobbyists, antique car, and motorcycle restorers!

Model 966 Pro Finisher boasts an extra-high 34-1/2″ rear inside height. This makes blasting tires on rims, fenders, transmissions, headers, or motorcycle frames FAST and EASY! Also features big 12″ x 33″ tempered lens with inner lens protector, two adjustable 115 volt LED floodlights for improved visibility, two 11 gauge steel doors for easy loading and unloading, and our quiet Vac-55 HEPA Vacuum for dust removal within the cabinet.

SKU: 966


Easy to use: just insert part through either side-loading door and press foot pedal. C-35 Foot-Pedal-Operated Power Gun removes rust, paint, and scale to bare metal in just minutes!

966 SKAT BLAST® Cabinet Includes:

  • Powerful Vac-55 HEPA Vacuum to remove dust as you blast
  • C-35 Foot-Pedal-Operated Power Gun
  • Foot Pedal with 7 ft air hose
  • 1 steel and 2 ceramic nozzles
  • 28″L double-strength cabinet gloves
  • Tempered glass lens, 12″ x 33″ x 3/16″ with peel-off inner lens protector
  • Molded glove and lens trim – prevents leaks
  • 45 lbs fast-cutting Skat Magic Abrasive
  • Automatic abrasive recycling system
  • Two full-size 11 gauge steel side-loading doors with welded angle-iron framework
  • Strong 11-20 gauge USA steel
  • Expanded metal screen holds up to 200 lb objects
  • Two adjustable 115 volt LED floodlights
  • Quick-change trap door for fast abrasive changes
  • Replacement parts IN STOCK!


SPECIFICATIONS: Overall size – 48″w, 30″d, 71″h. Work area – 46″w, 28″d, 34-1/2″h. Two full-size 11 gauge steel side-loading doors with welded angle-iron framework. 20 gauge steel body. Requires 10-15 cfm @ 80 psi. 125 psi max. 5 ft vac hose & Vac-55 HEPA Vacuum with powerful brush-type 115 volt motor pulls 90-100 cfm. Fully Assembled. Crate Size: 56″w, 34″d, 76″h. Ship wt: 425 lbs. IN STOCK – Ships Quick – within 24-48 hours! Made in USA!

90-Day Trial, 5-Year Limited Warranty – Try our cabinet in your shop for 90 days. If you are not 100% satisfied, return the unit for a full refund or credit, less freight charges. We have sold thousands of units on this basis and believe that once you try our abrasive blast cabinet, you will LOVE IT! Cabinet and power gun carry a full 5-year warranty. Wear items such as nozzles, air jets, lens, gun suction head, hoses, gloves, etc., are not guaranteed. Vacuum motor is guaranteed for 90 days from date of purchase.

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