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When using a Skat Blast® Cabinet, a variety of dry abrasives can be used, depending on the requirements of the user.
Generally, the higher the grit number, the finer the abrasive. The finer the abrasive, the smoother the finish. Coarse-grit abrasives cut fast, but the finish isn’t quite as smooth as with fine-grit abrasives. Always change abrasive on a regular basis.
Most popular abrasives are Glass Beads, First Choice & Speed Bead for a very fine finish on parts; Skat Magic™ & Skat Magic Extreme for a medium finish and faster production. In addition, Fast Cut Max provides fast cutting with less dust. Aluminum Oxide is another popular abrasive for fast cut and long life. Most Skat Blast® Abrasives are “Made in USA” and all are “virgin” material, which means they have not been processed or reused. USA Distributor Tech Line – TP Tools, Canfield, OH – Ph. 330-533-3384, Ext. 22