Skat Blast® Direct Mount Soda Master™ Attachment

Put the Soda Master™ Attachment on your Skat Blast® Cabinet, and Blast away years of contamination without harming the surface.

Start enjoying the benefits of Soda Master™ Blasting today! Designed and engineered by Skat Blast®, the Soda Master™ is an affordable solution for car enthusiasts, restoration shops, and home restorers who want to soda blast in an enclosed-type cabinet.

The Soda Master™ utilizes one of today’s high-tech media, Sodium Bicarbonate, which is like household baking soda on steroids! Soda blasting is an excellent way to remove carbon, surface contamination, dirt, grime, corrosion, paint, surface rust, gasket materials, etc., from critical engine components, transmissions, electrical items, carburetors, wiper motors, heads, pistons, valves, cylinders, radiators, and more.

SKU: SM-50


Why is Soda Master™ Blasting an excellent choice?
Soda Master™ Media cuts fast and won’t harm, etch, or damage the surface being cleaned. Soda will not harm glass, chrome, rubber seals, bearings, splines, hydraulic cylinders, and even wiring, saving you money in masking and teardown. Until rinsed off, it also protects metal from flash rust (up to 6 weeks)! And, soda dissolves with water, so blasting residue rinses completely from engine components, cylinders, etc. It produces no heat buildup when blasting, so warped metal is also a thing of the past!

Within minutes, you can transform your Skat Blast® Abrasive Blasting Cabinet into a Soda Blasting Machine and back again!
The Soda Master™ Attachment mounts to your Skat Cabinet and uses your existing trigger or foot-pedal power gun for hookup to the attachment’s pickup tube. While soda blasting, the media is drawn out of the external hopper into the cabinet and through your trigger or foot-pedal power gun. The powerful soda blast then removes years of contamination without etching or disturbing the surface underneath. The used soda media falls down into your cabinet funnel where it is collected and later discarded. (Soda media cannot be reused or recycled, as it breaks down to dust upon impact.) To resume abrasive blasting, simply empty used soda, swap suction hoses on your gun, and pour your abrasive back into the cabinet.

Skat Blast® Direct Mount Soda Master™ Attachment – Includes 50-lb hopper (40-50 min blast time), built-in media sifter screen, internal pickup tube with 48″ suction hose for hookup to your trigger or foot-pedal power gun, spring-loaded trap door for cleanout, mounting hardware, instructions, and 50 lbs Soda Master™ Soda Blast Media.

For use with Model 780, 780-TL, 800-T, SC-33, SC-33V, SC-35V, SC-45V, SC-28, SC-28V, 850, 850-T, SC-34, SC-40, 940-DLX, 930, 935, 950, 951, 952, SC-46, 960, 960-DLX, 960-T, 960-SE, SC-58, 970, and 970-DLX Cabinets. (780, 780-TL, and 800-T require mounting bracket, #SM-BRK.) May fit other brand cabinets – with modification to the cabinet. 12″ deep, 28″ high, 12″ wide. Ship Wt: 64 lbs. Patent Pending. Made in USA.