Skat Blast® “SME” Skat Magic Extreme Abrasive

Fast Aggressive Cutting Action!

Skat “SME” (Skat Magic Extreme) is a 100% recycled glass blasting material made from crushed bottles. Similar to Skat Magic™ but crushed coarser, 30-60 grit size, for a faster, more aggressive cutting action. The coarse grit size easily removes corrosion, paint, rust, and tougher coatings. Even rubberized materials can now be removed fast and effectively. This is a great economical blasting abrasive that leaves a flat/coarse finish on the surface. Perfect texture for primer application on parts. Made in USA.

Grit Size 30-60, mixed color.


Available in 45, 450, 900, and 1800 lbs:

#6711-45 – 45 lbs
#6711-450 – 450 lbs (10 boxes)
#6711-900 – 900 lbs (20 boxes)
#6711-1800 – 1800 lbs (40 boxes)

TECH TIP: When using a Skat Blast® Cabinet, a variety of dry abrasives can be used. Generally, the higher the grit number, the finer the abrasive. The finer the abrasive, the smoother the finish. Coarse-grit abrasives cut fast, but the finish isn’t as smooth as fine-grit abrasives. Always change abrasive on a regular basis.

How much abrasive should I use in my cabinet? Most Skat Blast® Cabinets include 45 lbs of Skat Magic Abrasive so you can start using it right away. Although the cabinet hopper is large enough to hold more abrasive, it works best with the amount included (hopper will be about 1/3 full).

Our Distributors stock a variety of long-wearing abrasives, each formulated to obtain a desired finish. Experiment with each to discover which works best for your application.

USA Distributor Tech Line – TP Tools, Canfield, OH – 330-533-3384, Ext. 22

​NOTE – Abrasives are sold on a nonreturnable basis. No warranty is made as to satisfactory performance for any particular purpose. We suggest experimenting with each to determine which works best for individual applications.

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