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Skat Blast® Replacement Vacuum Motor

Powerful vacuum motor pulls 70-100 cfm depending on filter type. Fits all Skat Blast® Vacuums (Vac-55, 50, 45, 40, 36, 35, or 34). 115 volt brush-type, 60 cycle, 7 amp, 1 hp, 20,000 rpm. Includes 8 ft cord. Requires filter or bag. 5-3/4″ diameter, 4-5/8″ high. Made in USA.

SKU: 6008-00


TECH TIP: Check vacuum bag/filter on a regular basis for pinholes or weak areas, as abrasive may leak through the bag/filter and into bearings of the motor, causing premature motor failure. We suggest always changing your Vac Bag/Filter when changing Vacuum Motor.

Vac motors sold without filter cartridge or bag – NO WARRANTY.