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ProLine Turbine Nozzle Sets

Different materials require smaller or larger nozzle sets to allow the paint material to atomize properly. For best results, select the proper fluid nozzle for the application. Most popular are 1.0mm (included with Showtime Turbine Units) and 1.4mm for primer and heavier materials. Fit ProLine Turbine Guns only. Sets are complete as shown.


#HP-30310 1.0mm – Use for stains, lacquers, urethanes, enamels, basecoats, most automotive finishes, and waterborne materials.

#HP-30312 1.2 mm – Use for high solids, urethane basecoats, metallics, pearls, and waterborne materials.

#HP-30314 1.4mm – Use for lacquers, enamels, varnishes, urethanes, primers, epoxies, and clearcoats.

#HP-30316 1.6mm – Use for standard 2K urethane primers, lacquer primers, and sealers.

#HP-30318 1.8mm – Use for automotive primers, filler primers, sealers, and high solids.

#HP-30320 2.0mm – Use for polyester filler primers, latex, and sprayable fillers.