SHOWTIME 99 HVLP Paint Spray Turbine Unit with Finish & Primer Spray Gun


SHOWTIME 99 HVLP Advantages:

  • Low overspray – 80% LESS than conventional guns
  • Up to 50% paint savings!
  • Always dry, oil-free air supplied to gun
  • No air compressor required to paint
  • Plugs into any 115 volt 12 amp electric outlet
  • Professional results in your own shop!
  • 60 cfm – 5.7″ XH-duty 3-stage turbine with permanently lubricated bearings
  • Large 7″ rear wheels and easy-maneuvering 2″ locking-swivel front wheels
  • 16″w, 18″d, 28″h. Dim. Ship wt: 74 lbs.
  • Tested and proven – patented Turbine Power Unit made in USA since 1993! (Patent 370490)
  • 2-Year Warranty, 30-Day Shop Trial


A Great Way to Spray – Just Got BETTER! 3-Stage Turbine Produces 7.5 psi @ 60 cfm for Superior Finishes.

SHOWTIME 99 Turbine Spray System with High-Volume 3-Stage Turbine Power Unit produces 45 to 50% more pressure than two-stage models. The increased pressure provides better paint atomization when spraying today’s high solids, clears, hi-build primers, urethanes, and waterborne materials. The result is a smoother finish and less sanding prior to buffing. The SHOWTIME 99 will get the job done quickly, efficiently, and without all the overspray of conventional air compressor paint guns. This system will pay for itself within 1 to 2 paint jobs and while producing the BEST POSSIBLE FINISH on your classic car, street rod, tractor, or bike … right in your own shop!

Model TP-99PLX includes: Showtime 99 High-Volume 3-Stage Turbine Power Unit with 33 ft turbine hose, 5 ft flex hose with valve, TP Tools® ProLine 20-oz Gravity-Fed HVLP Finish Gun, and TP Tools® ProLine 1-Qt HVLP Primer Gun.

TP Tools® ProLine 20-oz Gravity-Fed HVLP Finish Gun is the heart of our Turbine Systems. Included with most Showtime HVLP Turbine Paint Spray Systems. Its rugged die-cast body features full-airflow design and floating air cap that adjusts from a 13″ spray fan to the size of a dime. Has an adjustable air cap. Set cap to a 45° angle and the spray pattern becomes round. The round pattern saves material, especially when spraying a chassis, tubular supports, door jambs, trunk lips, and dashes. 20-oz gasketless plastic cup design saves money and no leaks! Has machined lid and cup to provide positive sealing. Bleeder style (air blows through the gun when air valve is open.)

1.0 mm gun sprays stains, enamels, lacquers, urethanes, basecoats, clears, and waterborne materials … while saving up to 50% on materials!

TP Tools® ProLine 1-Qt HVLP Primer Gun with 1.8 mm nozzle set sprays primers and hi-build primers fast and easy. The additional primer gun prevents material contamination in your finish gun. Bleeder style (air blows through the gun when air valve is open.)

YOU DON’T NEED AN AIR COMPRESSOR TO PAINT. The HVLP difference – air is supplied at low pressure from the Turbine, instead of high pressure from your compressor. The result – reduced overspray and instant paint savings!

Easy to use: Plug Showtime 99 Turbine Power Unit into 115 volt outlet, add paint to HVLP Gun (included), and start spraying! The Turbine Power Unit delivers an instant 60 cfm of air (high volume) at only 7.5 psi (low pressure). The high-volume air moves the paint, and the low pressure reduces overspray up to 80%. Sprays enamels, lacquers, urethanes, basecoats, clears, pearls, primers, hi-build primers, stain, and waterborne materials. (Heavier materials will require optional larger needle/nozzle set.) Paint goes on smoothly with less mist and up to 50% paint savings. Also, the turbine warms the air so moisture is eliminated. Always dry, oil-free air to the paint gun. Warm air also helps paint dry faster, so runs and sags are eliminated!

COST SAVINGS YOU WILL APPRECIATE … You will quickly realize savings up to 50% in paint, clears, and reducers. Plus, less dirt and dust in your paint area, longer respirator life, cleaner floors, brighter lights, extended paint room filters, etc. All of this is possible because of less overspray – the paint goes on the vehicle, not in the air! The system pays for itself within 1 to 2 paint jobs!

Expect trophy-winning results! TP Tools knows HVLP – over 30 years experience with HVLP equipment!

WARNING – A respirator is required for use with this equipment (not included). See your safety supplier for proper protection.

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Finish Coat Application