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Skat Blast® Vacuum/Dust Collector Replacement Filter Cartridge, Made in USA

Trap any ultra-fine dust particles down to 0.3 microns (particles about 1/300th the diameter of a strand of hair) and keep 99.97% dust inside the vac or dust collector and out of your shop! The ultra-fine filtration prevents vacuum motor failure caused by dust entering the motor. Non-stick filter membrane resists clogging – dust and dirt simply fall off the filter surface before it can build up. Washable, air-dry type. 8-1/4″H, 7-1/4″Dia.

Standard with 180-DC & 310-DC Dust Collectors, and optional replacement for Vac-55, 50, 45 & 40 Vacuums. Made in USA.


SKU: 6011-HEPA