Build-Your-Own Skat Blast® Cabinet Kit – Trigger Operating System

Skat Blast® Build-Your-Own Trigger-Operated Cabinet Kit contains parts needed for the cabinet’s operating system, plus well-illustrated Cabinet Plans to build a 34″ wide x 24″ deep cabinet with only two sheets of plywood. For a larger cabinet, simply increase the dimensions and build to any size. Additional items required, such as gloves, lens, light, hinge, trap door, etc. Made in USA.

Cabinet shown in gallery was built by customer with our kit.

SKU: 6525-TG



  • S-35 Power Gun – Often mistaken for a pressure blaster when using some of the high-tech abrasives. Bottom of gun has 1/4″ female pipe threads for quick connection to 7 ft air hose (included) and 5/8″ OD inlet at bottom of siphon head for connection to pickup hose (also included). Includes 1 medium steel nozzle and air jet installed in gun, and 2 extra medium steel nozzles for use with 10-15 cfm air (3 HP minimum – 5 HP is better).
  • Siphon Hose is made of clear vinyl so you can see the abrasive flow as it is pulled from funnel of cabinet. Hose is 5/8″ inside diameter by 36″ long, reaches most areas of the cabinet and can be cut to size.
  • Genuine Skat Blast® Pickup Tube is 27″ overall length with mounting hardware. Double-tube design provides a smooth, even flow of abrasive to the power gun. 5/8″ OD x 18 gauge.
  • 7 Ft Air Hose – High-volume, 3/8″ inside diameter. Has 1/4″ male brass pipe threads on each end to connect to bottom of power gun and to your incoming air supply of 10-15 cfm.
  • Low Air Supply Nozzle Kit includes 3 small steel nozzles, one small air jet, and air jet gasket. This kit enables you to blast with low air consumption (4-8 cfm).
    Note: it is necessary to change both nozzle and air jet (both must match when siphon blasting.)
  • Build Your Own Cabinet Plans – Well-illustrated plans explain how to build a 34″ wide x 24″ deep cabinet with only two sheets of plywood (plus additional Skat Blast® parts). Adjust dimensions to build a cabinet to fit your needs.