Skat Blast® Master Build-Your-Own Foot-Pedal Cabinet Kit - 45" XL Lens

Master Kit includes our Build-Your-Own Foot-Pedal Cabinet Kit AND Cabinet Trim Package. These combined kits make it easier than ever to build your own sandblast cabinet!

Other items such as trap door, door gasket, hinges, etc are available to complete your build.

SKU: 6525-07


45″ X-Large Foot-Pedal Master Kit includes:

Build-Your-Own Foot-Pedal Cabinet Kit – Made in USA:

  • C-35 Power Gun – The same gun used in all foot pedal operated Skat Blast® Cabinets. Includes 1 medium steel nozzle and air jet installed in gun, and 2 medium ceramic nozzles. This gun is tested and proven for the shop with 10-15 cfm air. (Small nozzle set up required for lower cfm – available at extra cost.) 1/4″ std. female pipe thread air inlet. Beware of imitations.
  • Foot Pedal Assembly with stainless valve stem and case hardened stem guide. 1/4″ female pipe thread air inlet and outlet. Supplies air to C-35 Cabinet Gun.
  • Genuine Skat Blast® Pickup Tube is 27″ overall length with mounting hardware. Double-tube design provides a smooth, even flow of abrasive to the power gun. 5/8″ OD x 18 gauge.
  • Siphon Hose runs from pickup tube to bottom inlet of the power head (slip fit) and supplies abrasive to the gun. Genuine Skat Blast® hose gives top performance.
  • 7 Ft Air Hose connects Foot Pedal Control to C-35 Gun in cabinet. 7 ft long whip hose with male pipe threads on each end.
  • Build-Your-Own Cabinet Plans – Well-illustrated plans explain how to build a 34″ wide x 24″ deep cabinet with only two sheets of plywood (plus additional Skat Blast® parts). Adjust dimensions to build a cabinet to fit your needs.

45″ X-Large Cabinet Trim Package:

  • 12″H x 45″W Tempered Cabinet Lens with outer and inner lenses
  • Molded Lens Frame with gasket and screws
  • 6051-00 28″L Skat Blast® Cabinet Gloves – double strength
  • 6057-04 Glove Flanges with screws, clamps, and gaskets
  • 6258-03 Floodlight Assembly with gasket, less bulb.