Skat Blast® Carbide Nozzle Pack

Once you try carbide, you won’t settle for less. Our most durable nozzle.

Made of long-lasting Tungsten Carbide, each nozzle will outlast 30 ceramic, making it the most economical nozzle you can buy.

SKU: 6300-90


Includes: medium carbide nozzle, 3 air jets, and 2 air jet gaskets & nozzle gasket. Fits most siphon blasters and all Skat Blast® Cabinets. 1/4″ I.D. 10-15 cfm air required. 1-9/16″ long, 1/2″ diameter. Made in USA.

TECH TIP: The air jet and nozzle size must match. Example: small nozzle with small air jet. Otherwise, the power gun will not work. To save wear on the gun power head, replace the air jet 3 times during the life of this carbide nozzle.