C-35 Series Foot-Pedal Operated Power Gun

Skat Blast® “High-Velocity” C-35 Series Power Gun is foot-pedal operated and is the heart of Skat Blast®’s siphon system.

SKU: C-35


Can be used to improve performance with old-style C-25 Skat Blast® Gun and other siphon-fed foot-pedal-operated cabinets. Sturdy and dependable, features include larger direct air passages for increased air volume and better suction. This results in a stronger, more powerful blast, so powerful, it is often mistaken for a pressure blaster. Plus, ergonomic handle for operator comfort. Skat Blast® Gun power head is manufactured from Zamac, a harder material than aluminum for longer life; and has a case-hardened insert for better fit against back side of nozzle.

The C-35 Series Power Gun is used in all foot-pedal operated Skat Blast® Cabinets. Has 1/4″ standard female pipe thread air inlet at bottom of handle. Your hose from pickup tube slips on power head. Accepts 5/8″ ID siphon hose.

Gun is designed for the shop with a 3 HP, 5 HP, or 10 HP air compressor – see sizes below. Complete with steel nozzle and air jet installed in gun, two ceramic nozzles, and allen wrench. Max 125 psi. 7-3/4″ wide, 6-1/2″ high, 1″ deep. Made in USA. Patent No. D760,571.


Available in 3 sizes to meet your air compressor cfm output.

Small Foot-Pedal Operated Power Gun (#C-35-S, gold nozzle) – Siphon gun requires 4-8 cfm, 3-5 HP air compressor.

Medium Foot-Pedal Operated Power Gun (#C-35-M, silver nozzle), Most Popular – Siphon gun requires 10-15 cfm, 5-7 HP air compressor.

Large Foot-Pedal Operated Power Gun (#C-35-L, black nozzle) – Siphon gun requires 20-25 cfm, 7-10 HP air compressor.