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Skat Blast® Ceramic Nozzle Combo Packs

Save with Ceramic Nozzle Combo Packs! Skat Blast® siphon power guns have an air jet, which fits inside the end of the power head assembly directly behind the nozzle. Both the nozzle and air jet must be changed on a regular basis to keep your cabinet in good working order. Because the size of the air jet must match the size of the nozzle, we make these convenient combo packs. Most popular size is medium.

Combo pack includes: 5 ceramic nozzles, 2 air jets, 2 air jet gaskets, and 1 nozzle gasket.


Ceramic nozzles last up to 3 times longer than steel, about 6-8 hours per nozzle. To save wear on the power gun and air compressor, and for best overall results, replace nozzles promptly. (Replace air jet and gasket with every 2-3 nozzles.)

Nozzles: 1-5/8″ long, 1/2″ diameter. Made in USA.

Small Ceramic Nozzle Combo (#6300-50) – 13/64″ I.D. Requires 4-8 cfm. Operating pressure 60-100 psi.

Medium Ceramic Nozzle Combo (#6300-60) – 1/4″ I.D. Requires 10-15 cfm. Operating pressure 60-100 psi.

Large Ceramic Nozzle Combo (#6300-70) – 5/16″ I.D. Requires 20-25 cfm. Operating pressure 60-100 psi.