Skat Blast® Anti-Static Kit

Get the Skat Blast® Anti-Static Kit and eliminate static in your bead blaster cabinet!

During the abrasive blasting process, abrasive flows through the rubberized suction hose in the cabinet. This rubberized hose is nonconductive and can cause a static charge to build up within the cabinet. Conditions in your shop, weather conditions, and even the type of abrasive being used can also affect static charge. When this charge is released, a shock can occur – similar to what you get when you rub your feet on carpet then touch a metal object.


What to do? Install our Anti-Static Kit – it reduces the static buildup in your cabinet. Special Anti-Static Head Assembly replaces your existing power head assembly on S-25/S-35 and C-25/C-35 guns. This Anti-Static Head Assembly includes a 42″ abrasive suction hose and anti-static grounding wire. Instructions included.

A Skat Blast® Anti-Static Mat is also included! Place mat in front of your cabinet where you would stand. This mat will further reduce static charge and add comfort to your feet, back and legs.

Anti-Static Kit for 3-4 ft wide cabinets (#6120-70) – 24″ x 36″ Anti-Static Mat and Anti-Static Head Assembly.

Anti-Static Kit for 5 ft wide and larger cabinets (#6120-75) – 24″ x 60″ Anti-Static Mat and Anti-Static Head Assembly.

Anti-Static Head Assembly Only (#6120-65) – No mat

Made in USA.