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Skat Blast® Super-Pro Abrasive Shaker & Variable Speed Control Kit

BEST BUY – SAVE! Includes Super-Pro Abrasive Shaker Motor and Super-Pro Abrasive Shaker Variable-Speed Control.

Variable-speed design with twice the vibration. Keeps abrasive flowing to the pickup tube on cabinets 4 ft and over.

SKU: 6120-08


Under high-humidity conditions or excess moisture, abrasive flow to the pickup tube can slow down and may hang up on sides of funnel, causing surging, sputtering, and little abrasive to the pickup tube and gun. Mounts to side of funnel.

To ensure a fast uniform flow of abrasive, plug Variable-Speed Control into a 115 volt outlet and plug the Super-Pro Abrasive Shaker Motor into receptacle on bottom of Variable-Speed Control. Instantly you can control the vibration level of Abrasive Shaker by simply turning the dial on the Variable-Speed Control. Vibrating motor continually shakes abrasive down to the pickup tube assembly.

Kit includes: Variable-Speed Control, Abrasive Shaker Motor with 8 ft cord, mounting bracket, hardware & instructions. 115 volt.