USA VAC-50 HEPA Vacuum

Skat Blast HEPA VAC – Won’t Clog and Recovers 40% More Dust than Bag-Type Vacuums!

VAC-50 HEPA Vacuum with HEPA Filtration provides greater suction (90-100 cfm) for increased visibility inside your cabinet during blasting. Plus, keeps your shop cleaner!

HEPA FILTRATION TRAPS DUST – Traps ultra-fine dust particles down to 0.3 microns and keeps 99.97% dust inside the vac and out of your shop! Plus, has 29% more filtering area than old-style Vac-40 Vacuum. The ultra-fine filtration prevents vacuum motor failure caused by dust entering the motor. The result is a longer-lasting vacuum.

SKU: Vac-50


NON-STICK FILTER CARTRIDGE MEMBRANE – Resists clogging because dust and dirt simply fall off the filter surface before it can build up. This enables the Vac-50 to have 40% more suction and 56% more filtering area than older-style bag-type filter vacuums which clog over time. The Vac-50 works like NEW every time!

QUICK MAINTENANCE – If suction should ever decrease, simply pick up the Vac-50 and tap the bottom canister on the ground. HEPA filter is also washable by removing and rinsing with water and then air drying. We recommend having an extra HEPA Filter Cartridge (#6011-HI) on hand so you can rotate during cleaning.

EASY CLEAN-OUT – New one-piece steel bottom canister with easy on-off lid assembly for fast and quick emptying of accumulated dust and dirt.

SPECIFICATIONS – 90-100 cfm, 115 volt, 7 amp motor with sound-deadening lid assembly for ultra “quiet operation”. Only 72-76 decibels. Includes 5 ft vac hose (2-1/2″ dia) for hookup to your blast cabinet. Wt: 30 lbs. Dim. Ship Wt: 80 lbs. 15-1/4″ dia, 40″ high. Made in USA.

When using a cabinet for more than occasional use (about 1 hour daily) or commercial use (5 hours per week), a vacuum is not adequate for dust removal due to limited capacity. We recommend our 180-DC or 310-DC Dust Collectors.