ProLine HVLP 20-oz Gravity-Fed Gun

Includes Gasketless Plastic Cup Assembly – No Leaks, Positive Sealing!

Years of HVLP painting experience, customer feedback, and hands-on testing have created an outstanding, and affordable, ProLine Turbine Spray Gun. This HVLP turbine gun is the same gun as used with our Showtime Series Turbine Systems and is the perfect choice for finish spraying or primering.

GUN SPECIFICATIONS: 20-oz gasketless plastic gravity-fed cup assembly – no leaks, positive sealing. Stainless steel nozzle and needle with floating aluminum cap, and adjustable spray from the size of a dime up to a 13″ pattern. Bleeder style (air blows through the gun when air valve is open). Developed by Skat Blast especially for HVLP spraying. 4-1/4″ wide, 14-1/2″ high, 7-1/4″ deep.


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Available in three sizes:

HP-504-10P – Fine-finish gun for stains, lacquers, urethanes, enamels, basecoats, and most automotive finishes, 1.0mm
Most Popular!

HP-504-14P – General-purpose gun for enamels, lacquers, varnishes, urethanes, primers, epoxies, and clearcoats, 1.4mm

HP-504-18P – Primer gun for automotive & filler primers and sealers, and high-solids, 1.8mm

For use with Showtime Series HVLP Turbine Systems and most other turbine systems. Will not work off an air compressor.

WARNING – A respirator is required for use with this equipment (not included). See your safety supplier for proper protection.

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