USA 180-DC INSIDER II HEPA Dust Collector

Commercial-Grade Made-in-USA Dust Collector increases visibility while abrasive blasting – pulls 300-350 CFM! Patent Pending.

180-DC INSIDER II – Removes dust for all-day cabinet blasting! Recommended for improved visibility within Skat Blast Cabinets up to 5 ft wide. (Smaller cabinets work best with Vac-50 Vacuum System.) Skat Blast Dust Collector with patented HEPA Filtration traps ultra-fine dust particles down to 0.3 microns and keeps 99.97% dust inside the dust collector and out of your shop. Non-stick HEPA Filter Membrane resists clogging. Most dust simply falls off the filters.

Model 180-DC has Triple Bank HEPA Filtration. The result is 40% more airflow through the cabinet and dust collector, and increased visibility and dust collection over older bag-style units. Plus, 125% larger filtering area!


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Here’s how it works: dust-laden air enters back of the dust collector through a 5″ diameter, 6 ft long hose (included) and settles on the outside of the HEPA Filter Cartridges. Cartridges are easily accessible through the front door. Shaker lever assembly, located on the rear of the unit, operates manually to shake dust and dirt off the filter cartridges. Dust falls down to the bottom drawer. To empty, simply open and remove drawer and discard residue. Fast and easy!

Large 10″w x 28″h hinged front door makes filter cartridge changes and inspection fast and easy. 1/3 HP, 3450 RPM, 115 volt Baldor motor and 8-3/4″ diameter blower wheel pull 300-350 cfm. Includes (3) 8″H x 7-1/4″ dia HEPA Filter Cartridges, manual shaker assembly, clean-out drawer (10-1/2″w, 12-1/2″d, 4″h with gasket), 6′ long x 5″ dia hose, and 4″ rear outlet. Made in USA.

Greatly improves visibility over Vac-50 due to larger filtering area and 5″ diameter hose. Recommended for cabinets up to 5 feet wide. May be special-ordered in place of Vac-50 at extra cost.

16″W, 15″D, 56″H. Ship wt 159 lbs motor freight.

WARNING: Do not use Dust Collector System as a wet vac. Electrical shock and serious injury could result. Dust Collector filters are guaranteed for 90 days against mfg defects. Dust Collector motors are guaranteed for 1 year. Collectors are not for collecting wood shavings or sawdust.


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