What Makes Skat Blast Abrasive Sandblasting Cabinets Better?

Superior sandblasting cabinet operation is determined by our Made in USA pickup tube, power gun, and vacuum system design. Skat Blast Abrasive Blasting Cabinets are fully assembled, feature molded holders for both lens and gloves, and do not leak. While not always visible, these features make a better product. That's why Skat Blast Cabinets are one of the best sandblasting cabinets and the most copied in the world!

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Skat Blast Inc.

Skat Blast Abrasive Blasting Cabinets are always ready to go!

Leave the blast cabinet hooked up to your air supply, so it is ready for operation at a moment’s notice (no air or abrasive is used until you need it). Built to blast, built to last … that’s the Skat Blast difference!

Sandblasting Action Picture

Skat Blast Abrasive Sandblasting Cabinet Pic

Skat Blast Abrasive Blasting Cabinets Are Easy To Use:

Simply hook up your shop air and add abrasive to the abrasive blasting cabinet by pouring it through the side- or top-load door, depending on model.

Open door, insert rusty parts and place on cabinet work area screen.

Close door, pick up part, aim gun, and begin blasting. Rust, paint, and corrosion are removed FAST, leaving a beautiful satin finish ready for painting or other final prep.

Blast cabinet abrasive drops to funnel bottom where it automatically recycles into pickup tube and up to power gun.

HEPA vacuum system (included with most models) or dust collector (optional) provides excellent visibility within the sandblasting cabinet.

We have all the parts & accessories to keep your Skat Blast Abrasive Blast Cabinet up & running!